London based creative bringing you dope visuals from logos and banners to photography and videography.

My Skills

Graphic Design & Branding

The thing I've been doing since the beginning, in 2014 I used to create Minecraft banners using Cinema 4D & Photoshop. Looking back I never knew that I could do so much more with 2 pieces of software.

Fast forward to 2020, currently I'm designing (mostly) stream graphics but also banners, music videos and Esports brands.

I've worked with so many great people and hope to continue connecting with more!


Recently, a South London based rapper named Reza contacted me in hopes of having me film, edit and publish his music videos.

With no past experience filming or editing music videos, I told him that I would be able to create sick visuals for him. His response:

"I've seen your design work and it's really good, so I'm going to trust that you are being honest about your capabilities."

2 Months later, 10 music videos him and his fans love.

Editing & Motion Graphics

A somewhat recent venture. Since 2019 I wanted to upgrade my stream graphics and what better way is there to do that, than to make it move?

I must admit, using adobe after effects when I started was a constant struggle, I had 8 gigs of ram and a HDD. Now my setup is a bit of an overkill, 32 GB ram, 1070 TI & 2 SSDs. It helps me complete work much faster though.

My work boasts rich quality, smooth transitions and creativity.

My Favourite Projects

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